Ülle Madise gives oath of office before parliament ahead of second term

Ülle Madise, who was appointed for a second term as Estonian Chancellor of Justice, gave the oath of office in the Riigikogu on 4 April.

Parliament approved Madise’s second term on 15 December last year. In a secret ballot, her continuation in the role was supported by 63 MPs, with 18 against and one abstention.

The Chancellor of Justice is appointed to office by the Riigikogu on the proposal of the President for a term of seven years.

President Alar Karis proposed to the Riigikogu on 16 November last year that Ülle Madise be reappointed as Chancellor of Justice. Therein the head of state noted that Madise, who had served in the position for seven years with the utmost professionalism and dignity, had a strong academic background and years of experience as a lawyer in the field of public administration. He added that in the role of Chancellor of Justice, Madise had undertaken constitutional reviews, dealt with issues related to the protection of fundamental rights, consistently drawn attention to the need to assess proportionality in the restriction of rights and championed the exercising of state power in line with the constitution even in periods of crisis. “Ülle Madise has shown herself to be a shrewd interpreter and reformer of Estonian public law,” President Karis wrote in his proposal.