First collection on human rights in Estonian is published

Pilt, mis viib inimõiguste raamatu veebilehele.“Inimõigused” (“Human Rights”), the first compendium of the area of human rights in Estonian, was published on the initiative of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. The editor-in-chief of the book is Liiri Oja, PhD, Head of NHRI Activities at the Office of the Chancellor of Justice.
The book consists of 26 chapters covering the main topics of human rights: for example, the history of human rights, the UN human rights protection system, the methodology for studying human rights, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, children’s rights, disability rights, violence against women, sexual and reproductive rights.
The book is available free of charge at www.inimõ You can also download the PDF file of the book from the same website (on the right-hand side of the page).
The 33 authors of the book include advisers to the Chancellor of Justice, researchers from Estonian universities and several foreign universities, judges, lawyers, experts from other state institutions and the civil society.
It is an interdisciplinary book intended for use in higher education teaching and research, as well as in courts, NGOs, ministries, etc.
The book gives an overview of the theory of human rights protection and gives examples from Estonian and international practice, as well as a wealth of references to the most recent academic literature.
Human rights literature helps to understand the nature of human rights and gives an overview of existing national and international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, thus contributing to the promotion of human rights education and better protection of human rights. Many of the topics are being addressed for the first time in Estonian as issues of human rights protection.
In addition to the book, you can also find a human rights blog on the website www.inimõ, which regularly publishes shorter posts supporting the topics of the book.