Chancellor’s Year in Review 2022/2023 is now available in English

The Chancellor’s Year in Review 2022/2023 summarizes the performance of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice in fulfilling the tasks assigned by law from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023. 

This comprehensive overview spans a wide array of subjects, shedding light on the diverse responsibilities of the Chancellor. These include acting as the National Human Rights Institution, Ombudsman for Children, National Preventive Mechanism against ill-treatment, and overseeing obligations outlined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The report also explores areas such as the rule of law, equality, the environment, security, social rights, education, and various others. It provides valuable insights into the Chancellor's efforts to champion justice, protect human rights, and ensure the well-being of people living in Estonia.

In her address to the Parliament, Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise expressed gratitude to both past and present members of the Parliament and the government for their constructive collaboration. She also addressed various issues, such as the shortage of kindergarten spaces and the reduction of front-line officials, highlighting costly alternative activities in ministries. Additionally, she voiced concerns about the activity-based state budget, the adoption of European Union legislation without constitutional scrutiny, and the persistent problem of conflicts in the laws.

"Lastly, a subject likely to gain prominence in the upcoming overview year, if not in subsequent years. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a willingness in the public to overlook violations of the Constitution and fundamental rights for years. In the past, there was an economic crisis, then the pandemic, and now war. We observe an increasing number of draft laws and plans where security and safety are stated as arguments that do not seem to need further reasons. Therefore, esteemed Parliament, please deliberate on this matter and, if feasible, involve our office and other relevant parties. Is it appropriate to subordinate all constitutional freedoms and rights to an absolute security or security achievement objective?" alerted the Chancellor of Justice.

The Chancellor of Justice's annual overview is accessible here.

The Chancellor's speech to the Parliament and her responses to the questions posed by the Members of Parliament are documented in the stenogram.


Õiguskantsler esitleb Riigikogu puldis oma aastategevuse 2022/2023 ülevaadet.

Photo: Erik Peinar