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Workshop "Human Rights in the Digital Age"

23-24 January 2018, Kultuurikatel, Tallinn




Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Registration of participants
Moderator: Mr. Hans Lõugas, Editor-in-chief of Genius portal
Opening remarks
Mr. Peter Tyndall, IOI President and Ombudsman of Ireland
Ms. Ülle Madise, Member of the IOI Board and Chancellor of Justice of Estonia
Brief History of the Internet and how Digital Technologies are reshaping the societies around the world.
Mr. Linnar Viik, IT expert and visionary
Impact of digital development on the human rights and freedoms.
Ms. Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Professor at the Department of Law of the Tallinn University of Technology
Coffee break
Dilemmas of digital age: national security versus privacy. What has changed in data collection?
Mr. Martin Arpo, Deputy Director General of the Estonian Internal Security Service
Secret surveillance activities and Ombudsmen’s supervisory experiences.
Mr. Petri Jääskeläinen, Ombudsman of Finland
Mr. Robert Sepi, Deputy Ombudsman of Serbia
Group photo and lunch
Citizen role in cyber security. What are the options for a person to hide his Internet history?  Who is responsible for when it comes to privacy?​
Mr. Oskar Gross, Head of the Cyber Crimes Bureau at the Police and Border Guard Board
What are the concerns that can be addressed to web-constables? Web-constable gives the insight how to train children as well as adults at issues of internet security.
Ms. Maarja Punak, web-constable
Coffee break
Freedom of expression vs. hate speech.
Ms. Vedrana Perišin, Adviser to the Ombudsman of Croatia
Human rights based fair balance approach on Digital Age. Self-evident or a needle in a haystick?​
Ms. Karmen Turk, Partner and attorney-at-law at TRINITI Estonia
What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet. What if Internet is used to compromise or defame a person?
Mr. Rein Lang, Head of political and legal consultation at Nortal Ltd
Dinner at the Maarjamäe Palace
NB! Pre-registration required


Wednesday, 24 January 2018



Mr. Hans Lõugas, Editor-in-chief of Genius portal

Future of health. Why we need networked devices filled with delicate data? Technologies and digital data improve the quality of health care. However, safety of the delicate information is a challenge and technology-centered health care raises a number of ethical and regulatory issues. 
Mr. Madis Tiik, Medical Doctor
Mr. Ants Nõmper, Managing Partner at Ellex Raidla law firm
Coffee break
Sensors, data, decisions. The next generation of public digital services.​
Mr. Kristjan Vassil, Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Tartu
Public sector transparency and risks to privacy in the digital age. Government information sharing and identity management. Protection of personal data vs freedom of information.​
Mr. Viljar Peep, Director General of the Data Protection Inspectorate
Digital data and good governanceWhat is Ombudsman’s role to guarantee everyone’s rights in information society? How to implement interdisciplinary approach to protect citizens´ rights in digital society?
Ms. Epp Maaten, Senior Adviser to the Chancellor of Justice of Estonia
Mr. Reinier van Zutphen, Member of the IOI Europe Board and Ombudsman of the Netherlands
Mr. Graham Smith, Senior Advisor on access to documents at the Cabinet of the European Ombudsman
Conclusions and closing remarks
Mr. Louis Zezeran, Stand-up comedian
Ms. Ülle Madise, Member of the IOI Board and Chancellor of Justice of Estonia