Advisory Committee on Human Rights

The purpose of the Advisory Committee on Human Rights is to advise the Chancellor of Justice in protecting and promoting human rights as well as in monitoring the situation of human rights, including in the following:
  • identifying the situation in terms of protecting human rights;
  • raising issues related to human rights and finding solutions for them;
  • identifying the need for and organising human rights surveys;
  • promoting human rights education;
  • improving the exchange of information between stakeholders.
Members of the Advisory Committee are elected by way of a public competition by a committee established by the Chancellor of Justice. The Commission shall be guided by the principles of equal treatment, diversity and equilibrium in its choice. The Chancellor of Justice may invite new members to the Advisory Committee, if necessary.The authorisation of a member of the Advisory Committee is personal. Membership and participation in the work of the Advisory Committee is voluntary.
The Advisory Committee is elected for a period of four years and it gathers twice a year. The Advisory Committee operates in the form of meetings chaired by the Chancellor of Justice.
To ask for advice, the Chancellor of Justice may address a member of the Advisory Committee directly or form field-related work groups.
The opinions and recommendations of the members of the Advisory Committee are not binding upon the Chancellor of Justice.

Members of the Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee’s 50 members were selected via an open competition and include people from various walks of life from all across Estonia, featuring seasoned specialists in equal treatment, rights of the child, rights of persons with disabilities, violence prevention, health care, genetic engineering, medical ethics, architecture, personal data protection, religious freedom, environmental protection, etc.
The composition of the Advisory Committee is as follows:
1. Aet Kukk
2. Alar Aab
3. Aleksander Jalasto
4. Andres Lehtmets
5. Anne Haller
6. Anne Raadik
7. Anneli Soo
8. Ats Mattias Tamm
9. Edgar-Arnold Kiur
10. Eduard Maron
11. Eha Reitelmann
12. Elen Kirt
13. Grete Maria Neppo
14. Gretel Murd
15. Hanah Lahe
16. Heidi Paabort
17. Helen Orav-Kotta
18. Helika Saar
19. Hille Raud
20. Indrek Kaing
21. Inge Talts
22. Ivan Sergejev
23. Janek Maat
24. Jelena Pipper
25. Kadi Viik
26. Kadri Vare
27. Kai Haldre
28. Kai Part
29. Karmen Koppel
30. Kiira Gornischeff
31. Kristi Rekand
32. Liina Kanter
33. Mart Susi
34. Mats Volberg
35. Merike Värik
36. Meris Velling
37. Nele Nisu
38. Pille Kaljurand
39. Piret Aus
40. Piret Visnapuu-Bernadt
41. Priit Kasepalu
42. Reigo Reppo
43. Rein Lang
44. Ringo Ringvee
45. Roger Tibar
46. Sven Kõllamets
47. Tambet Laasik
48. Toomas Toomsoo
49. Vaike Pähn
50. Viivian Jõemets