Protection of the Constitution

The Chancellor of Justice is an independent official whose duties are to ensure that the legislation valid in Estonia would be constitutional and that the fundamental rights and freedoms of our people would be protected.


The main constitutional duty of the Chancellor of Justice is to ensure that:

  • laws and regulations would be constitutional and in compliance with other laws.

The main duty of the Chancellor of Justice under the Chancellor of Justice Act is to ensure that:

  • authorities and officials performing public duties would not violate people’s constitutional rights and freedoms, laws and other legislation of general application, as well as the principles of sound administration;
  • persons held in places of detention would not be treated in a degrading, cruel or inhumane way;
  • the rights of children would be protected and activities of child care institutions legal. The Chancellor of Justice also deals with the promotion of the rights of children and raising awareness;
  • the constitutional rights and freedoms of people are not violated when the covert gathering, processing, use and supervision of personal data and related data by agencies of executive power is organised.

Other tasks of the Chancellor of Justice under the law are:

  • submission of opinions to the Supreme Court in constitutional review proceedings;
  • reply to the interpellations of the Members of the Riigikogu;
  • reply to written questions of the Members of the Riigikogu;
  • make proposals for waiving immunity;
  • initiate disciplinary proceedings against judges;
  • resolve discrimination disputes;
  • submission of opinions to the drafts of legislation of general application.