Prof Dr Ülle Madise

The Chancellor of Justice is a one-person independent constitutional institution. The institution of the Chancellor of Justice is not part of the legislative, executive or judicial powers, it is not a political or a law enforcement body.
The Chancellor of Justice is appointed by the Riigikogu on the proposal of the President of the Republic for a term of seven years. Once a year the Chancellor of Justice submits to the Riigikogu a report with an overview of his or her activities.
On 15 December 2021 the Riigikogu appointed Prof Dr Ülle Madise as the Chancellor of Justice for the second term based on the proposal of the President of the Republic of Estonia. 63 deputies voted in favour, 18 against and 1 remained undecided in a vote held by secret ballot.
On 4 April 2022 Ülle Madise took the oath of office before the Riigikogu and began to fulfil the duties of the Chancellor of Justice.


Ülle Madise
Born on 11 December 1974 in Tartu


2007–2007 Tallinn University of Technology, PhD
2001–2006 University of Tartu, PhD candidate
1998–2001 University of Tartu, magister iuris (cum laude)
1993–1998 University of Tartu, Law Faculty, BA (cum laude)

Institution and position

2015–... The Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia
2016–2021 Visiting Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Tartu
2011–2016 Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Tartu
2009–2011 Professor of Public Law, Tallinn University of Technology
2009–2015 Legal Adviser to the President of the Republic of Estonia
2006–2010 Member of the National Electoral Commitee
2005–2009 Lecturer of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, Tallinn University of Technology
2005–2008 Director of Audit, National Audit Office
2002–2005 Adviser and Head of Secretariat, Constitutional Commitee of the Riigikogu
2002–2002 Adviser to the Minister of Justice on parliamentary matters
2001–2005 Lecturer, University of Tartu
1998–2002 Head of Public Law Department, Ministry of Justice
1997–1998 Specialist of Public Law Department, Ministry of Justice

R&D related managerial and administrative work

2015−... Member of the Supervisory Board of the Iuridicum Foundation 
2013−... Member of the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)
2012−... Chief Editor of the Commented Edition of the Constitution (3. ed. 2012; 4. ed. 2017)
2012−... Chairperson of the Jury of Enn Soosaar's Prize in Ethics Essay Contest
2015−2021 Member of the Board of the European Region of International Ombudsman Institute (IOI), and since October 2017, member of the IOI World Board
2013−2015 Member of the Council of the Ethics of Public Officials
2012−2015 Member of the Community Advisory Board of the Estonian Public Broadcasting
2011−2012 Member of the Regulatory Committee of the 32. Jurists' Days
2011−2012 Member of Program Committee of the Lawyers´ Congress "Constitution 20. From the Pragmatism of Legal Practice to Constitutionalism"
2010−2015 Independent expert of GRECO
2010−2015 Member of the Board of Governors of the Estonian Academy of Arts
2010−2011 Member of the Transitional Evaluation Team of law curricula

Creative work

Author of the radio talk-show of popular science „Õigus ja Õiglus“ (Radio Kuku, 2016-...)
Author of the radio talk-show of popular science "Vanamehed kolmandalt" (Radio Kuku, 2009-2015)
Numerous research and opinion articles in Estonian press