New department for inspection visits

Since 1st of September 2015, the Chancellor of Justice has a new department, which is responsible for managing, planning and carrying out inspection visits into the authorities under supervision; performing the tasks of national preventive mechanism; developing methodologies for inspection visits; compiling summaries of visits; etc. The Inspection Visits Department employs a head of department and 5 advisers. The department may involve advisers from other departments of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice, external experts, specialists, interpreters and translators into their inspection visits, if necessary.

The restructuring of the Office is designated to increase the efficiency of the work of national preventive mechanism as well as adjust overall organisation of inspection visits. Previously, the above mentioned functions were divided between the different departments of the Office regarding to their competence fields and were coordinated by one of the Deputy Chancellor of Justices.


For further information please contact:
Ms. Kertti Pilvik
Head of international relations and organisational development