18.03.2013 Ombudsman for Children encourages parents to seek specialist help
20.02.2013 Chancellor of Justice: Cemetery financing requires better regulation
19.02.2013 Summary of the Monitoring of the Rights of the Child and Parenting 2012 is now available in English
24.01.2013 The Chancellor of Justice turned to the Supreme Court with an application to declare the notification procedure of secret surveillance activities unconstitutional
10.01.2013 Chancellor of Justice challenged restrictions on the establishment of pharmacies in the Supreme Court
19.11.2012 Chancellor of Justice’s public address to the Minister of Social Affairs on prohibition of corporal punishment of the child
19.11.2012 Chancellor of Justice: Estonian citizenship should be available also for those youngsters whom a residence permit was not applied for under the age of 15
11.10.2012 The Chancellor of Justice: Tax and Customs Board’s practice combating illegal trafficking of fuel at the frontier crossing points and excise tax law need to be changed
08.10.2012 The Chancellor of Justice rejected the Public Prosecutor's Office's applications to waive the immunity of two members of the Riigikogu
14.09.2012 The Chancellor of Justice as ombudsman for children became the full member of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC)
10.04.2012 The Chancellor of Justice: law treats people in case of unemployment unreasonably unequally
30.03.2012 Cooperation seminar of the ombudspersons for children of Baltic countries
12.03.2012 The Chancellor of Justice: “The Parliament of Estonia must have a say on the granting of financial assistance under the European Stability Mechanism.”
28.12.2011 The Ombudsman for Children drafted a manual to inform about a child who needs help
26.09.2011 The Tallinn city government regulation establishing the conditions and procedures to determine into which municipal school a child is allocated is unconstitutional