01.09.2014 Children's Ombudsman beginning of the school year address
01.09.2014 Bullying-themed website launches
07.05.2014 Booklet “Bullying-free school” is now available in English
07.03.2014 Chancellor of Justice invites schools to fight bullying
27.02.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Systematic problems found in nursing care services
31.01.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Nursing home has no right to deprive people of liberty
17.01.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Calculation of State Fees Remains Problematic
14.01.2014 Assessment of Child Welfare Requires More Data
08.01.2014 Chancellor of Justice: Imprisonment Act Contravenes Constitution
10.10.2013 Overview 2012 of the Chancellor of Justice activities is now available in English
23.09.2013 Ombudsman for Children: Children should be more involved in organisation of local life
20.05.2013 Chancellor of Justice presents annual overview to the Riigikogu today
29.04.2013 Rae Rural Municipality infringed Good Administrative Behaviour when suspending payment of support for a toddler who does not attend nursery school
29.04.2013 Chancellor of Justice: Rae Rural Municipality infringed Good Administrative Behaviour
27.04.2013 Chancellor of Justice: Faster than planned increase in environmental charges is not in conformity with the Constitution
01.04.2013 Ombudsman for Children analyses how the rights of children in substitute homes are guaranteed
18.03.2013 Ombudsman for Children encourages parents to seek specialist help
20.02.2013 Chancellor of Justice: Cemetery financing requires better regulation
19.02.2013 Summary of the Monitoring of the Rights of the Child and Parenting 2012 is now available in English
24.01.2013 The Chancellor of Justice turned to the Supreme Court with an application to declare the notification procedure of secret surveillance activities unconstitutional