11.05.2016 If necessary, a school can take custody of a student’s smart device
05.05.2016 Electronic Communications Act requires updating
17.02.2016 Chancellor of Justice publishes English summaries of annual reports 2014 and 2015
30.11.2015 Report of Chancellor of Justice on implementation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
02.10.2015 Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise elected as a Board Member of the European region of the International Ombudsman Institute
22.09.2015 Chancellor of Justice presented her Annual Report before the Riigikogu
14.09.2015 Chancellor of Justice identified violations in special care homes
01.09.2015 New department for inspection visits
14.04.2015 Olari Koppel assumes post as director of Office of Chancellor of Justice
31.03.2015 New Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise took oath of office
12.03.2015 Chancellor of Justice: Many problems found in special care homes and hospitals
10.03.2015 Nele Parrest to fulfil duties of Chancellor of Justice
21.01.2015 Riigikogu elected Ülle Madise as the new Chancellor of Justice
14.10.2014 Chancellor of Justice publishes English summary of Annual Report 2013
19.09.2014 European Ombudsmen call for urgent support for internally displaced persons within Ukraine
19.09.2014 Chancellor of Justice's closing remarks at the conference “Ombudsman’s Role in a Democracy”
19.09.2014 Deputy Chancellor of Justice's speech "Ombudsman`s Role in the Control of State`s Surveillance Activities"
18.09.2014 Chancellor of Justice's speech at the conference “Ombudsman’s Role in a Democracy”
10.09.2014 Chancellor of Justice to host European ombudsmen
01.09.2014 Ombudsman for Children: A safe school environment should be every school’s priority