International cooperation

Since 2001, the Estonian Chancellor of Justice has been a full member of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI). The IOI was established in 1978 and includes more than 200 national and regional ombudsmen from 90 countries worldwide. The IOI is organised in six regions (Africa, Asia, Australasia and Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, and North America), governed through regional Boards.
The Institute’s European region includes 80 national and regional ombudsmen from the majority of European countries. Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise was elected a member of the seven-member Board of the IOI European region on 30 September 2015 and was re-elected on 27 July 2016. Since November 2017, she was also member of the IOI World Board. The powers of Ülle Madise on the boards ended in May 2021.
Since 2012, the Chancellor of Justice as Ombudsman for Children has been a member of the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children (ENOC). On 20 February 2019, the Chancellor of Justice became a member of the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI). The Chancellor is also active in the networks of European Ombudsmen (ENO), the Ombudsman Institutions for the Armed Forces (ICOAF), the Independent Police Complaints Authorities (IPCAN) and the National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM).