English summary of 2016-2017 overview of the Chancellor of Justice activities now available

The Chancellor of Justice is a one-person, independent constitutional institution appointed to office by the Riigikogu on the proposal of the President of the Republic for a term of seven years. The Chancellor’s task is to make sure that legislation in Estonia is in conformity with the Constitution and that the fundamental rights and liberties of people in Estonia are protected. Besides constitutional review and ombudsman functions, the Chancellor also fulfils the role of national preventive mechanism for ill-treatment and ombudsman for children. Once a year, the Chancellor presents an annual report of his or her activities to the Riigikogu.
The English summary of 2016-2017 overview of the Chancellor of Justice activities covers the period from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017 and contains the following chapters:
I. Children and young people
II. Prevention of ill-treatment
III. Equal treatment
IV. People in the digital world
V. Covert processing of personal data
VI. Local authority
VII. Taxes and entrepreneurship
VIII. International relations